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I love working with energetic teams to design creative solutions for end users, and I have a passion for usable products and processes. Please take a look around and send your thoughts!

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Customer: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) ed-tech startup for girls ages 8-12.

Problem: Creating original, relatable content that young readers would enjoy, without feeling like they were "tricked" into learning by an adult.

Approach: These slides are from a comic I created using pen, paper, and Adobe Sketch. 


Test and Implementation: Slides were tested via observation and open-ended questions with parent and child users, and are in use by the startup.

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“Cynthia is extremely bright and hard working. She is a self starter and will accomplish a job given to her and also go the extra mile to make it not just complete, but well done. She works well with people around her and is a good communicator. She would be an asset to any company that was lucky enough to hire her.”

​ Dr. Kimberly Warrick, Wright State University


“Cynthia has positive interactions with a diverse group of staff and is a key team member in the Central Office.  She works extremely well with the Executive Director/CEO in order to get the job done and create an atmosphere of efficiency. She has excellent verbal and written skills.  I would give her a 10 in both areas.  She is also very diplomatic and knows how to keep confidential information secured.”
D. Mariner Allsop, United Way​